Partners & Clients

We are fortunate to partner with top US and international processors for marketplace businesses to establish a merchant account. Amaryllis technology is deployed by online insurance marketplace, and online lending marketplace.

Together with our partners, we can onboard you and your sellers with great efficiency, integrating your business Processes with comprehensive API. We offer the integration service for all qualified and approved marketplaces. We have payment experts ready to guide you through the integration process and get your account setup quickly.


Become our Partner

We welcome the opportunity to be consider worthy of your partnership. We have a robust solution that is in production serving several marketplace customers across the globe.

If you are growing marketplace platform and are debating to monetize the payment or become a Payfac; Amaryllis Solution is the right choice for you.

In addition to marketplace commerce, due to the unique SoA infrastructure, our solution also powers complex pay-out processing flow of a global payment processing company.