Not all sellers on a Marketplace are equal, so why Seller-Accounts are created and treated the same?

Traditional e-commerce payment technology focuses on consumers facing issues; like frictionless transactions, mobile payment, shopping cart conversions; and rightfully so. Marketplaces require e-commerce like consumer facing features plus the ability to differentiate between sellers according to their specific needs, such as pricing, billing plans and payout schedules, all automated and integrated into the payment process of the marketplace.

"Marketplace success is directly proportional to the success of its Sellers"

Marketplaces serve a large number of sellers at once; thus looking to standardize processes for all sellers and lower operational complexities is natural in startup stage of the business but has a negative impact in its growth potential. Each seller has a unique value proposition for marketplace consumers. To consistently deliver and maintain its brand image the marketplace requires payment technology that has functionality to match its business operational needs.

"Pricing affects sellers lifetime value and marketplace profitability"

Business models evolve over time and, once a marketplace has reached a sizable scale, the economics behind differential pricing become clearer; the pricing mix offered for different type of sellers have a direct impact on the bottom-line and growth potential.

"Seller Accounts Hierarchies are key to control and efficiency"

Varied account hierarchies for example allow marketplaces to serve sellers with complex business structures, such as retail chains, as well as engage affiliates and resellers to grow exponentially.

The ability to offer each seller the service they deserve in all areas, from reporting to pricing models, from billing plans to payout schedules, in a cost and operational efficient manner, presents a strong competitive advantage for the marketplace.

The Amaryllis Seller Account Advantage:

Account Hierarchy Levels


Pricing Models

Any combination of percent and fix fees

Pricing Categories


Split Models


Billing Plans

Flexible recurring and one time plans

Payout Schedules


To explore how Amaryllis can help you define multiple seller profiles according to a variety of parameters click here.

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